Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Japan exhibition 2009

Tokyo 2009 exhibition which gives attraction to more then 500,000 visitors within 5 days, total 800 companies shows latest Gadgets and Robots. Some of them are shown in this video below:

A muRata girl manufactured by muRata is capable of riding a bicycle and a unicycle, It can detect any obstacles with balance.

Nissan motors introduces bio mometic car which carries various obstacle detection and prevention sensors.

The pioneer 3d dimension display took a lot of attention to the visitors, the most important fact is that you can see this with your naked eye, you do not need to wear any special glasses.

The rest of them you can see in this video below:


  1. it's very cool usman..

  2. wow, this is so cool. your site contains a lot of informative articles. i'm also a technology enthusiast and i'm really fascinated with robots. Keep up the good work!

    - AB (^c^,)