Friday, September 4, 2009

Novathink first licensed solar chargers for iPod

Novathink has come up with an eco-friendly device – a solar charging case for the Apple iPod touch. The Surge is equipped with solar panels that collects solar energy and stores it in its internal battery. The solar panel outputs 5.5 V at 100 mAh. The four LED on the Surge lets you know just how much charge is left as well as if there is enough sunlight for solar charging to proceed. The Surge is compatible with the second generation iPods and will not work with earlier models. The package comes with a nova cord which can be used to carry the surge case around the wrist, on a back pack, or anywhere else for sun exposure. The Surge case for the iPod touch will retail for $70 this month and will be available in green, pink, blue and black.

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  1. Novothink also provides a cool application that estimates your solar needs based on your ipod useage.